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A First Love Football Romance


Colton Wild didn’t save me. He showed me it was safe to live again…


I met him when I was sixteen and broken. When the world was filled with fear.


He was seventeen and ridiculously cocky. He was also hotter than the sun with his messy blond hair, clear blue eyes, and wicked grin.


My family and I were on the run from a predator, and Colton was harboring his own painful secret. We were two lost souls, but the moment I saw him, I felt something spark inside me.


He flirted with me shamelessly, and I pretended to hate him. I wasn’t allowed to get close to anyone. My life, and my family’s life, depended on it.


But I couldn’t stay away from Colton. He was the brightest light I’d ever seen.


And once the sun went down, I threw all my rules out the window…


This is the story of how Colton and Sky meet as teenagers.

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A Second Chance Football Romance


Colton Wild isn’t just the famous football player everyone sees on their television screen. 

I met Colton one summer vacation when we lined up on opposite sides of a flag football field. He was the cocky kid with clear blue eyes and a constant smirk. When he picked me up over his shoulder and ran with me the length of the field, I wanted to hate him. 

But somehow we were the last two left around the campfire that night. We talked for hours under the stars. And when he kissed me, I didn’t want him to stop.

The next morning, I left. 

I thought I’d never see him again.

And for ten years, I didn’t.


Sky Rosewood was the one that got away, the fiery redhead with a temper to match. 


It felt like way more than a teenage crush, but what did I know back then? I tried everything to find her, but it was like she’d disappeared into the ethers.


Ten years later, I’m out for my morning beach run and I crash into…


Sky Rosewood, just before she gets knocked out by an errant wave. I try to be a gentleman and give her mouth to mouth, but she comes to and tells me off, her temper still intact. And so is my crush.


Except now Sky’s a woman. A beautiful woman who agrees to give me the right number this time. 


I’ve got my second chance with the woman I never forgot, and there’s no way I’m letting her get away again.


Turns out I shouldn’t have been so cocky…

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No Strings Attached Football Romance



I’m no waitress. I’ve never carried food or drinks through a restaurant in my life. Except when I was stealing to feed myself. But I’m not that person anymore.


Tonight, thanks to my crappy boss, I’m standing in front of Dylan Wild at the Super Bowl after-party, asking him if he needs a refill. 


And just like a stereotypical professional athlete, he hits on me.


Sure, he’s the star quarterback. Sure, he’s hotter than hellfire and sin.


And finally, a man who’s taller than me. 

One wicked glance, and my whole body is screaming his name already.


But I’m not the kind of woman Dylan Wild wants, not if he knew who I used to be.


So I say no. And walk off, telling myself I’ll never see him again, anyway.




Tonight I’m the king of the sporting world. And I’m lonely as hell, because I can’t trust a soul. 


Then a statuesque blonde lightning bolt with dark clouds in her eyes offers to get me a drink.


And I know right away I need her. 


But I fumble my chance with her. And then she’s gone.


Until that same mix of stormy angel goddess turns up in the middle of the desert at our team function. Except now I know her name—

Jasalie Gordon.

And Game On. 


Jasalie’s guard is up, though—and I know when I’m about to get sacked. So I throw her a Hail Mary…be my honorary date to this weekend’s charity event. No sex, just business. Unless she decides she wants more.


I’ve got only three days to play the game of my life....

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A Friends to Lovers Romance



I promise to keep my hands to myself tonight. 


No matter how much I want Ayden Wild, I will not, should not, absolutely cannot, have sex with him. 


Ayden’s always been my lifeline. My lighthouse in a raging sea, guiding me home again. 


Warm, safe, rock solid, erect….Oh GOD, I just can’t stop myself. 


Ayden’s always been hot, but this summer, his body’s distracting me so much I forget what we’re talking about. 


So I keep my ass glued to my barstool, and I flirt with the guy next to me. He’s not Ayden, but he’ll have to be my distraction. 


But Ayden’s acting…different. Like he wants something but he’s not telling me. 




Bella Wesley is driving me crazy tonight. 


She’s letting that douchebag flirt with her, and buy her drinks, and ask her out. 


I should be the one she’s looking at that way. I should be the one holding her hand. And I desperately want to be the one taking her into my bed. 


But we made a pact to strictly be friends. To make sure we’d get each other through the dark times. And we did. 


It doesn’t mean I didn’t want her every damn moment since then. Of course I handled it the only way I knew how—I dated everyone but her. 


So I know a distraction when I see one. 


But if I tell Bella how I feel now, right before I leave town, it could screw everything up. 


And if I don’t? 





A Second Chance Single Dad Off-Limits Romance


Jenson’s not just a former star quarterback turned brilliant football coach. He's not only an amazing father to twin sons. 


He's also...mine.


The problem? He’s always been off-limits. 


But we always planned to be together one day. Except sometimes plans change. So we both moved on, or we tried to.


But now, after all these years, Jenson’s back in town. We’re both single. And we can’t keep our hands off each other.




When Olivia was born, I was told to look out for her, and she was the girl who made me smile when nothing else could.


When we got older, I fell in love with her. And then we broke each other’s hearts.


I’m a single father now, with two boys who look up to me. And I’m about to show them how to get the win when the clock’s running down and the defense is stacked against you. I’m going to fight for the one thing, outside of them, that’s meant the most to me in my life.

I’ve come back to town on a mission: 

To make Olivia mine. Because she and I are meant to be. 

But for Olivia and me, meant to be has never been easy…

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A Contemporary Love Triangle Cowboy Romance



Brayden Wild was my first kiss. The Montana football star with the cowboy boots and sexy tattoo. He salvaged my heart from a bad choice I wish I never made, on a night I wish I could forget.


But that was twelve years ago. And since then, I’ve been wise enough to play it safe. Certain. Risk-free.


Until I go to the store and spill granola all over…Brayden Wild. He’s still rocking a wild mess of blond hair. He’s still sexy as hell.


My smooth reaction? I trip and fall on him. And then I run off like a frightened deer.


Because I still WANT him.


But I’m getting married in a month.



Leleila Wills. The bookish, teenage girl with the sad, beautiful eyes and killer body who electrified me at first sight—is now a grown woman living here in Mountainview. I finally know her name. I finally have a second chance to ask her out. But I can’t.


Because I DON’T go after women who are taken. Ever.


I try to focus on coaching my football team and on taking care of things at the ranch. So why can’t I get her the hell out of my head?


I tell myself it’s because she needs a friend. I mean, what kind of tool stands up his wife-to-be before their wedding dance class? But the truth is….


I like Leleila’s awkward, quirky personality. And I can’t deny how my body’s on fire whenever she’s nearby.


I’ve got one month to get to know her the way I wanted to twelve years ago, even if it’s only as her friend. That will have to be enough.


So what the hell will I do if it’s not?

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An Off-Limits Hockey Romance



Every day is the same: I get a beignet at the Climax Coffee Shop, and then go to the hockey rink, where I’ve worked since I was a kid. 

Until today, when a cocky guy cuts me in line. A dark-haired, sexy guy with laser eyes and a perfect body.

I can’t ignore how hot he is, but I especially can’t ignore how he’s the only man to ever make me want. Like really want.

By the time I stumble into my office, I’m completely thrown off by the Hot Stranger. 

Then my boss tells me a new player is joining our ice hockey team and it’s my job to do whatever it takes to make him comfortable. 

Only one problem: the new hot shot is the Hot Stranger, and the rulebook says I’m forbidden to score with team members. 

My boring life just got a lot more interesting.




Savannah McMann has fierce green eyes and a temper to match. 


But she’s shy and skittish whenever I put my eyes on her. I can see she’s wounded but I can’t tell what kind of jerk hurt her.


And why the hell do I care anyway? I’m on this team to get my stats up, not to score with the coach’s assistant.


But my head keeps finding reasons to end up in her office, while another part of me dreams of being in her pants. 


She’s got a strong defense, so I’ve got to play it slow or I’ll end up flat on the ice with my stick in my hands. 


One thing’s for sure: I want her. I like her. And I’m ready to take a few body checks to show her I’m the real deal.

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A Fake Marriage Hockey Romance





I don’t do professional athletes. And I certainly don’t do one-night stands.


But after my father tells me I need to marry before he’ll let me take over his PR firm, which has been my one and only dream since I was a kid, I decide I need a night out.


And when I meet a hot guy at the bar, I decide I want to play.


He takes me to his home on a gorgeous ranch. We steam up the sheets all night long. 


I’m sure I’ll never see him again.


Until the next day, when my uncle introduces him as my future husband.




Before I retire from playing hockey I’m lining up my next shot—ownership. But the team’s got a PR problem, and they’ll never approve a bachelor.


I’m not in a relationship. I’m not even dating.


And I can’t remember the last time I was interested in someone. Until I go to the bar after the game to blow off some steam and figure out my next move. 


That’s when I meet her. Mia. The first woman I can remember who doesn’t know I’m a big time hockey player.


After we spend an incredible night together, I figure that’s it.


Until my agent calls me into his office. The only other person in the room? Mia.


My future wife.


We vow to keep our arrangement strictly professional so we both get what we want. But the more we face off, the more I want to score…

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A Grumpy Sunshine Small Town Romance

He always swore he’d live alone…

Until he meets her.

A grumpy sunshine expiration date romance in the best-selling Wild Men series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa Belle.


No forevers. 


That’s been my motto ever since I followed in my dad’s line of work.

I won’t make anyone suffer like my mom did.

So I don’t get close to anyone.


I can’t.


Until she bumps into me outside a coffee shop in an old west Montana town.

I can’t take my eyes off of her.

With her midnight hair and sky-blue eyes, she’s all I see.

She’s sunny and warm and everything I’m not.


Our chemistry is off the charts.

When we end up going home together, I tell myself it will only be for one night.


But just when I think I’ve got everything under control…

she drops a bombshell.

And I know my world will never be the same.

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Enemies to Lovers, Close Proximity, Small Town Cowboy Romance

An enemies to lovers, close proximity, small town cowboy romance in the best-selling Wild Men series by USA Today bestselling author Melissa Belle.

I’m a cowboy through and through. My rodeo days may be over, but I live for the ranch.


I don’t have time for relationships. Or for romance. 


Then she shows up in a torn wedding gown and covered in mud. She asks me for a few things that night, but the one I turn her down on is the one I can’t stop picturing.


When we end up in close proximity day after day, my simple cowboy life becomes sweet torture. 


Can a runaway bride who pushes all my buttons have been the right woman all along?



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