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A Second Chance Hockey Romance

Turns out we both need to score … 




I can’t be alone. But I can’t be in a relationship. And now I can’t even score on the ice.


I’m in a slump.


I figure an off-limits pet sitter is just what I need. Until I see who the agency sent me.


Winter Allen is standing all grown up at my front door.


She’s my hat-trick: the looks, the heart, and the history.


I let her run off to Broadway because she deserved to follow her teenage dreams as much as I did.


We both got everything we wanted. So why does she look so damn lonely?




I didn’t plan to see Hunter Storm again. And I don’t plan to tell him why I’m back home in New Orleans. 


But after one devilish grin, my body tells me Hunter’s the only man who can help me.


Turns out we both need to score again. So who’s to say it’s a bad idea to mix his fire and my gasoline?


What are we doing? I’m not sure, but it feels too good to stop.

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A Second Chance Hockey Romance

Fate brought them back together. Will his demons tear them apart?


Max Storm was my first kiss. My first crush.

And my first heartbreak.


Then, he became a hockey star.


Over a decade later…


I go to a hockey game. And Max accidentally hits me with a puck.


He’s there when I regain consciousness.

His chocolate eyes lock onto mine, and I’m a goner.


I just hope that when our time together ends, I’ll be able to walk away.


Because time spent with Max Storm is always fleeting…

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A friends-to-lovers forced proximity hockey romance 

A twist of fate makes them roommates. Will they finally act on their feelings…or miss their chance forever?

Jared Storm and I grew up friends.


No, not the kind of friends like in the movies where it sometimes turns romantic.


Jared was a star in our town, and I didn’t want to shine just because of his light.


Besides, I had my own secrets to keep.


He moved away to become a hockey star, and I stayed in New Orleans. 


I thought I’d live there forever.


Just like I thought I’d never sleep with Jared Storm. 


But sometimes life takes a hard left turn.


And you have to be ready for the bumps along the way.

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PRE-ORDER NOW! Coming February 27th 2024....

A Road Trip Hockey Romance


Liam Storm is sinfully gorgeous. And he’s also grumpy as all get-out. 

And to me, he is off-limits. Forbidden. Not. An. Option.


I say these words to myself repeatedly as I climb into his truck for an unexpected getaway ride from a family drama I never should have gotten involved in.


I promise myself, I will thank Liam for the ride and wave him goodbye. 


The last thing I need is to get attached to a grumpy hockey star whose priorities will always be his daughter and his job. He doesn’t have room for the mess I’d be bringing into his life.


But Liam continues to do the unexpected, and maybe goodbye won’t be as easy as I think it will be.

Coming soon



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