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Wild Men

Wild Man - Web.jpg

Colton Wild didn’t save me. He showed me it was safe to live again...

Dylan - WebUSAT.jpg

Does the world’s hottest quarterback want to fake-date me just so he can help out his charity or to live out the red-hot attraction that’s been between us since we met?


It's been years, but they never got over each other. Now they're grown up and no one can tell them they can't be together...

Cameron - WebUSAT.jpg

The team rule book says she's off limits, but I've broken the rules before...and something tells me she's worth the risk.

Michael - Web.jpg

Michael's a grumpy fish out of water after leaving coastal Maine and his boat behind. Will he discover a sunny someone in the Montana Mountains...

Colton - WebUSAT.jpg

I’ve got my second chance with the woman I never forgot, and there’s no way I’m letting her get away again.

Ayden - WebUSAT.jpg

We made a friendship pact so we would each have someone to count in our darkest times. So if I tell Bella how I feel before I leave town, it could screw it all up. And if I don’t? I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Brayden - WebUSAT.jpg

Brayden Wild was my first real kiss. He salvaged my heart from a bad choice I wish I never made, on a night I wish I could forget.

Declan - Web.jpg

My one night stand is now my fake husband...a marriage of convenience hockey romance.

Luke - Web.jpg

Luke's as tough and smart as the rangiest cowboy, so there's no way he'd let himself be roped by a runaway bride that pushes all his buttons....

Wild Men Texas

Whiskey GIRL - Web.jpg

Logan Wild is the hottest friends-with-benefits a girl could ask for. Until it all goes south....

Wild GIRL - Web.jpg

I never thought I could be anyone's forever girl. But Logan makes me think, maybe, I could be a Wild girl.

Warrior GIRL - Web.jpg

She's all I want. And if the only way to protect her is to risk losing her forever, then I have no choice.

Boston Boys


I hate London Shaw. I loathe him. But I can't get away from him because he's my next door neighbor.


She trusts him with her body...but can she trust him with her heart?


They say he's the wrong guy... but he's the only one for her.


No one's come close to uncovering her secrets...but London Shaw is more than up for the challenge.


It's getting hot in the kitchen...a roomates to lovers romance.

Boston Player Web.jpg

He was her first...but she wants him to be her last.

Storm Brothers Series


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