A Second Chance Hockey Romance

Turns out they both need to score.


I can’t be alone. But I can’t be in a relationship. And now I can’t even score on the ice. I’m in a slump.

I figure an off-limits pet sitter is just what I need. Until I see who the agency sent me.

Winter Allen is standing all grown up at my front door.

She’s my hat-trick: the looks, the heart, and the history.

I let her run off to Broadway because she deserved to follow her teenage dreams as much as I did.

We both got everything we wanted. So why does she look so damn lonely?



I didn’t plan to see Hunter Storm again. And I don’t plan to tell him why I’m back home in New Orleans.

But after one devilish grin, my body tells me Hunter’s the only man who can help me.

Turns out we both need to score again. So who’s to say it’s a bad idea to mix his fire and my gasoline?

What are we doing? I’m not sure, but it feels too good to stop.


A Neighbors to Lovers Romance

Book 2 of a duet.

The conclusion to London and California’s hot and steamy love story.

Gorgeous, driven billionaire London Shaw can have anything he wants—eager women, endless money, and easy attention.

Everything except for me. I don’t play by this rebellious man’s rules, and his efforts to get me into his bed fall flat.

My heart is broken. His is closed. Neither of us wants any strings.

And yet, staying away from London proves impossible—he enters my life with no pretense, upsetting my perfectly-ordered days, challenging my self-made promises, and uncovering the dark secrets of my past.

Our torrid chemistry is undeniable. Our craving for each other obvious. And our connection…impossible to ignore.

And even though I can’t let him in, London Shaw sticks around when a lesser man would run in the opposite direction. And slowly, my walls start to come down.


This is part two of London and California’s story.

Our bared bodies.

Our shattered walls.

Our once-in-a-billion kind of love.


Book Three


A Road Trip Romance.

She trusts him with her body…but can she trust him with her heart?



I’m taking a mancation. A vacation without men. The reason? I always pick jerks. My best friend from college may have hit the jackpot and married a billionaire, but my billionaire boyfriend turned out to be a jackass. men for me. And certainly no wealthy ones.

Then I find out who my travel companion is for my week off.

Gorgeous. Check. Scratch that. Smoking hot.

Capable. Check. Wealthy and powerful. Check, check. Willing. Check, check, check.

And definitely all-male.

But he promises we’ll just be friends. Except I want to climb him and ride him and…we’re going to be sharing a motel room. For an entire week.

I’m so screwed.



I decide to take a one week vacation to get across the country. So I sign up to be a shotgun rider. Except I didn’t expect my traveling companion to be so gorgeous.

And sweet.

And funny.

And determined to stay far away from the male species.

But I can’t let her go without me. So I tell her she’s not my type. I say she's too peppy.

All lies.

I want her so badly I’m shaking. And I have to survive an entire week not touching this woman.

I’m completely screwed…


USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Belle writes about smart, sassy women and the hot, sexy men who want them. She spent years in the field of psychology before writing her first novel riding the train around Europe. She often works through her story ideas while hiking with her husband or hanging out with her two kitties. She loves road trips and songwriting. And cupcakes.

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